Due to TABC rules, a membership in Nac Brew Club is required in order to attend the annual Spring Brewfest. So when you buy a "ticket" to Brewfest, you're really paying your club dues and becoming a full-fledged member of our Club!

Don't worry, you don't have any obligations as a member. Most of our members attend only the Spring Brewfest each year. Membership in the Nac Brew Club doesn't require any previous knowledge or even interest in home brewing. While many of our members do enjoy making their own beer, wine, mead, and cider, we want to be club for everybody, even if you just enjoy hanging out with friends and sharing drinks. In short, we're the club for people who Think and Drink Beer!

Memberships are $20 if purchased before 1/1/23 and $25 after. All memberships are valid from date of purchase until December 31 of the membership year.

Membership Benefits

  • Entrance into the Spring Brewfest. Click here for information about Spring Brewfest!

  • Entrance into other club events, such as:

      • Brewing demonstration days

      • Three blind mice brew offs

  • Brewery field trips