About the Club

We are a fun, friendly group of folks in Nacogdoches (The Oldest Town in Texas), who are interested in and actively involved in the home-brewing of beer, wine, and mead. A diverse group with members from 21 to 65+ years of age, from new to home-brewing to more than 15 years of experience. The club was established on July 16, 2011, when twenty-seven of us met at the Nine Flags Bar, Fredonia Hotel. We agreed we needed/wanted to meet monthly and see where we could go with this idea.

Since that time, the club has grown and met every month. In January 2012, we passed a Club Charter, set dues, elected yearly officers, filed for Non-Profit (Social) Club Organization, held multiple tastings/competitions, and enjoyed some really good brews and good times together. We have established many incredible friendships within our group, and our surrounding area Brew Clubs. Please check our links page to get the information on our brewing brothers and sisters from East Texas and West Louisiana.

We look forward to continuing on our journey of making friends, improving our methods for brewing at home, and seeing what we can do with the incredible group of people we have together. To join, or find out more about us, please check the tabs above.